We offer a complete package from the initial concept, to drawing the design and customization, sampling and then mass production. We ensure that our clients receive best pricing and continued after sales service and support.

  • Packaging cases
  • Envelopes
  • Foam inserts
  • Interleaves
  • Gaskets
  • Die cutting Foam
  • Various Edging, trim flex, ring flex. U and v tube
  • Lockwood planks
  • Beach mats


PE Foam can be bonded to various thicknesses, widths and lengths. Our special customised service provides the client with various alternatives.
Applications include:

  • Packaging for computer and other electronics devices
  • Impact protection sections
  • Waterproof membrane protection
  • General and specific thermal protection
  • Aerospace use both for insulation and thermal protection.
  • Spa pool Covers
  • Child safety and Body protection
  • Crash Wall mats
  • Sleeping and Outdoor/Indoor Mats
  • Gaskets and Mouldings



PE Foam extruded plank. Various sizes, densities, square or round edges. Lightweight, waterproof, resistant against rot, bacteria and mould.
The nature of PE Foam makes it extremely buoyant, it is inert to water, grease and solvents at typical temperatures. 

Applications include:

  • Case fillers
  • Component separators
  • Hull inserts in boatbuilding
  • Life jackets
  • Computer and electronic packaging